Tip-Edge® System Braces

Posted by on Apr 26, 2013

Tip-Edge® System Braces


Q: Why Tip-Edge®?
A: A great question. “The differential force theory” is the answer. This theory (light forces to move teeth) when properly implemented, moves teeth faster, farther, with significantly less discomfort than any other theory or technique available.

Q: Is control easily maintained?
A: Absolutely. The Tip-Edge® edgewise bracket directs limited controlled tipping in the first two stages of treatment and precise finishing in the third stage of treatment. The angulations and prescription built into the bracket slot are the controlling factors.

Q: Are there frequent archwire changes and adjustments with Tip-Edge®?
A: Most cases are completed with six archwire (three upper, three lower) or less. Appointments are routinely six weeks apart.

Q: Adult treatment with Tip-Edge®?
A: Adults are treated the same as adolescents with Tip-Edge®. Surgery is not necessary for Class II corrections in non-growing patients.

Q: How does Tip-Edge® handle deep anterior overbites?
A: Deep anterior overbites are corrected in the first few appointments as a result of the roots being able to follow the paths of least resistance under the continuous light forces of the archwires and (2oz.) Class II elastics. Bite planes, functional appliances, and extraoral forces are not necessary and never used.

Q: What about space closing with Tip-Edge®?
A: Due to bracket design, space closing and retraction are accomplished with elastic forces along directional lines with no archwire deflection.

Q: Early treatment with Tip-Edge®?
A: Mixed dentition is an ideal time to instigate Tip-Edge® treatment. Functionals, distalizing appliances, or extraoral forces are not an option.


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