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Let’s face it, a good majority of people would shun the idea of having any kind of dental treatment — even more so a root canal therapy. Our face is a very sensitive part of our body that we would instinctively protect; that includes our lips, mouth and everything inside it. Opening that to another person would be like opening our weakness to them. Add the fact that when you go to the dentist, you usually have a dental problem — meaning, you’re showing not only your weakness but an injury to that weakness as well!


Have you heard of horror stories your parents, aunts or uncles told you about when you asked their opinion on root canal therapy? Have you heard them talking about it themselves, sharing their displeased opinions with each other? Have you been taunted when you were little that if you were bad you’ll be brought to the dentist? Have you had a traumatic experience in the dental chair once in your lifetime? If you’re around 40 years old, you most probably answered yes to at least one of those questions. That is because dentistry, just like medicine, evolves as time goes by. I would say every ten years, it drastically improves itself in terms of advancement in technology and development of new techniques.


Today, root canal therapy is virtually painless! With strict anesthetic procedures, newer techniques and modern equipment, root canal therapy shouldn’t have to hurt at all! If you’ve experienced a root canal therapy with a specialist who is updated, I’m sure you could attest to that. Of course, there will be cases that would have some kind of discomfort from time to time but that is a case-to-case scenario. You see, the root canal system is as complex as Metro Manila’s road system! It branches out from a main road to an accessory road and yet to another tricycle-only side street! Well, what I’m saying is that your tooth’s root canal system is different from another person’s and that no root canal system is similar to another – just like finger prints. Besides the complexity and difference in anatomy, the type and degree of disease of a tooth also varies. A person who needs a root canal because of a badly broken down tooth that’s not in pain will most probably have less chance of discomfort than a person whose whole left face is swollen because of a tooth infection.


One thing is the same though – prevention is better than cure. This holds true for teeth that needs root canal therapy. It’s better to prevent tooth loss by having its root canal treated than extracted. Once a permanent tooth is extracted, it cannot be replaced by another natural tooth. The fear of pain because of horror stories or bad experiences should not torment you nor misguide you now that you know that today’s root canal therapy is virtually painless. To conquer your fear of dental treatment, you should have trust in your dentist and your dentist should build that trust with you.


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Dr. JR Buenazeda is the second child of Dr. Joselito and Dr. Belen Buenazeda. He was born in July, 1982 and is happily married to Dr. Michelle. He acquired his degree in dentistry in the University of the East in 2006 and passed the board exams in the same year. In 2008, he started his post graduate studies on Endodontics in the University of the East. He is a regular member of the Endodontic Society of the Philippines.