Dr. Sonny

General Practitioner

I originally started a clinic in Olongapo back in 1971, a year after passing the board exam. Located right outside the former Subic Naval base, most of my patients back then were US Navy officers and personnel. But we eventually moved our practice to Metro Manila in 1984 because my wife Bee and I wanted our children to study in a good school in Greenhills. So we built a new clinic here, conveniently located near a big shopping district, and opened in 1985.

For many years, we lived on the two floors above our clinic. So the kids really grew up around the practice, seeing their mom and dad treat patients all day everyday. It was also great, because we could be with our kids in between appointments. We wanted them to be dentists when they grow up and fortunately, two of them — Dr. JR and Dr. Bu — followed in our footsteps, even going to the same university Bee and I attended.

We have built great relationships with patients throughout the years, many of whom became great, lifelong friends. We are happy knowing we can leave our practice — and our patients — in the extremely capable hands of our two sons and daughter-in-law, Michelle.

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Dr. Sonny is a graduate of the University of the East and placed 9th in the 1970 Dental Board Exams. He loves cars, collects car magazines, and tries to go to car shows as much as he can. He enjoys watching tennis (a sport he played throughout his life), sharing memorable jokes, and ordering from a restaurant’s all-day breakfast menu.