Dr. Michelle


I became a dentist in 2006 and started working immediately as an associate dentist with two successful dentists in Las Piñas City. I’ve learned valuable lessons during that time — both in dentistry and dental practice management.

In 2007, I took my post-graduate studies in Orthodontics and TMJ Disorder Treatment under Dr. Marilou Sembrano. I grew up with a TMJ disorder myself and the ordeal I had to go through when I was young prompted me to take this specialization. The lack of specialists in this field urged me to study hard. I even treated myself and finally stopped the progression of my own TMJ disorder!

In 2010, I married Dr. JR and joined the family clinic in Greenhills. I found out that a family dental clinic has many benefits. For one thing, patients most often are able to trust us better because they see our family and how we work together as a team.

I really love improving people’s smile! Im very meticulous when it comes to balancing aesthetics and functionality in the mouth.  A nice smile, radiant white teeth and healthy gums can really boost a person’s confidence and thus improving their quality of life.

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Dr. Michelle placed 12th in the 2006 Dental Board Exams. She is a natural foodie and a seriously sensational cook. She cooks one mean Seafood Paella and can even make her own Paneer from scratch! Her love for food even extends to growing food at her parents’ backyard. She is the first to admit that she has Obsessive-Compulsive tendencies — a good thing for her patients!