Diastema Closure

Diastema are spaces or gaps between teeth. Most people would prefer to have this fixed for aesthetic reasons.


One way of closing a diastema is by direct bonding procedures. Using aesthetic restorative materials, we can increase the size of both teeth and thus closing the gap. This is the fastest and cheapest way to go about this but it has its drawbacks.


Another way of closing a diastema is by placing a crown on both teeth. This process is just like doing a regular jacket crown on the tooth but with the goal to close the space by designing the crown to be bigger. This is advisable if the gap is very wide or if the tooth cannot withstand the drawbacks of a direct bonding procedure.


Yet the best way of closing a diastema is by orthodontic procedures. An orthodontic procedure doesn’t involve altering the teeth instead, we move the teeth towards the gap and thus closing it.