cropped group shot

The Buenazeda Family, L-R: Dr. Bu, Dr. Bee, Dr. Sonny, Dr. Michelle, Dr. JR


Our family clinic in Greenhills started in 1985. Currently, we have five dentists with their appropriate specializations to cover almost all aspects of dentistry. Being family dentists, we cater to the widest range of people – from educating 3-year olds, preventing tooth decays of children, treating and correcting adults to creating dentures for aged individuals. Basically, we are used to seeing huge families and even generations of families grow with our dental clinic!


We value excellence in our dental treatments. Our top priority is our patients’ health and comfort. We continually educate ourselves on how to improve our techniques. We adhere to strict sterilization and sanitation procedures using autoclave and chemical sterilization.

Our very homey clinic has a “by appointment” basis to control the flow of patients and ensure minimum waiting time and more than adequate time for our procedures. We love discussing the cases with our patients and taking time to entertain them. We also accept emergency cases any time of the day as long as you call us first and let us know your condition. This is because all five of us live very nearby the clinic.


We are typical filipinos proud of our hospitality and culture; Christians who believe God and follow Christ. Most of our patients end up becoming our friends and close contacts. Our practice has grown because of the trust our patients have in us. Read our growing testimonials page to even learn more about us through our patients. Give us a call and we’ll be glad to see and help you with your dental needs!